IT Staff Augmentation

Sr-level software engineers working exclusively for you

Increase your software engineering team’s internal capacity with Sr-level Latin American software engineers working full-time, dedicated exclusively to your team and needs.

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IT Staff Augmentation Benefits

Our IT Staff Augmentation services as a means of short-term hiring provides firms with the access to a very large talent pool of skilled professionals. Quickly integrate outstanding software engineers with 5 or more years of professional experience that increase your team’s capacity and add value to your project.

One of the foremost benefits of our IT Staff Augmentation services is its flexibility. This allows firms to hire employees to suit the short-term needs. Companies can supplement their permanent employees with skilled professionals to suit the need for a specific duration. This flexible hiring prevents firms from incurring the additional costs of permanent hiring, like employee taxes, Social Security, and health benefits.

Scaling a team is costly in both time and money. New risks are often created from an increase in operating expenses. Our IT Staff Augmentation services de-risk the process of scaling a team and cut down on the time and money spent in the process. Increase or decrease the number of Staff Augmentation resources on-demand according to your internal demand needs.

Companies can’t maintain the same level of control when projects are completely outsourced. OurIT Staff Augmentation services ensure that you remain in control. We take care of getting you the right resources with the right technical skills and background. Management still remains in your hand.

IT Staff Augmentation is an approach to reduce operational overhead and direct costsat the same time. Insurance, benefits, paid absences, and several other personnel costs can be expensive along with the administrative fees necessary to manage those components. Instead of paying for staff permanently, you’re only paying for the skills you require, when you require them.

We align with your time-zone and create a native, embedded experience with our engineers by participating in your rituals, using the same communication tools and channels as your team, and reporting directly into your project governance structure.

Why us?

Competitive rates for great resources

Work with Sr-level resources with 5+ years of experience.

Profiling, pricing and feasibility in the same day

We attempt to be fast for your needs.

Pre-candidates in 72 hours

Resources can be onboarded and productive in 5-10 business days.

Nearshore: Similar Time Zone and Culture

Latin American engineers working in real time with your team.

Software Developers

Increase sprint capacity and reduce you development cost with our Front-End Developers, Full-stack Software Engineers, Mobile Software Engineers and Back-End Engineers


Streamline your development, increase your teams productivity, and optimize infrastructure performance with our DevOps Engineers and Database Administrators


Design engaging digital experiences that are simple, intuitive, and create value for users with our UX/UI Designers

QA Automation

Increase your test coverage and accelerate your development process with our QA Engineers

Project Management

Control your developments process and documentation with Agile or Water fall methodologies with our Software, Project Managers and Business Analysts


Get faster and better data driven models and decisions, optimize and maximize with our Data Scientists

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Our services

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

  • Profile definition
  • Recruitment
  • On boarding
  • People Care
  • HR Adm
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Service Quality Monitoring
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Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

All in IT Staff Augmentation +

  • Tech Lead
  • Team Management
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All in IT Staff Augmentation +

  • Subcontractor agreement
  • Bespoke process alignment
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