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5 IT outsourcing trends in 2023

IT sourcing trends in 2023 delve into soft skills, innovative technologies and offering the best conditions to retain talent. Check out the top 5.

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular. Through this type of hiring, companies can obtain talent suited to their needs at very convenient costs. In this context, IT staff augmentation agencies appear as key players in the search, selection, hiring, and retention process.

1) Nearshore in Latin America continues to gain ground

Year by year, nearshore contracting in Latin America is growing and in 2023 this trend will continue to grow.
According to Mauricio Claver-Carone, president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in general terms, nearshoring is an opportunity that the region’s economies can take advantage of.

Increasing digitalization and the reconfiguration of global markets allow the region’s economies a unique chance through nearshoring.

“According to estimates, exporting services through nearshoring could add $14 million annually to the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean” – Source: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Not so long ago, it was believed that IT outsourcing at convenient costs could only be done through the Asian market. However, in recent years, U.S. companies have discovered that Latin professionals offer many more benefits. Since Latam IT outsourcing offers advantages such as

  • compatible schedules,
  • cultural similarity,
  • highly experienced talent
  • excellent English proficiency, to mention a few.

Therefore, nearshoring within IT outsourcing trends appears as an aspect that will continue to grow.

2) Finding qualified talent is key to competitiveness

Starting in 2020, companies began to see that the success of their digital transformation actions depends on having qualified talent. Therefore, within IT outsourcing 2023, finding the best professionals is key to be more competitive.

IT staff augmentation agencies and salary analysts foresee that salaries for highly specialized software engineers will increase considerably in 2023.

This action will not only seek to fairly compensate the knowledge of these professionals, but also retain talent once they have joined the company.

It is important to note that highly skilled talents will not only look favorably on an attractive salary, but also on other benefits.

In this context, companies that hire through IT staff augmentation companies can rest assured in this regard. For example, at We Have Devs we have retention and People Care policies, career planning, and integrated HR management to ensure that talent will choose to work with your company again and again.

3) Management of the latest technologies

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace, and companies must keep up to date through professionals who have the know-how. To achieve this, it will be key to have an outsourcing service provider with a broad technological background.

“Spending on technology will increase by 5.1 % in 2023 compared to 2022” – Source: Gartner

Keeping up with this trend will be a challenge for companies, and the key to keeping up with the evolution will be to have the resources and skills related to next-generation technologies.

4) Flexibility first and foremost

In the IT outsourcing trends 2023, work flexibility appears as a key aspect. It has been proven that productivity is closely related to schedule flexibility. This allows people to work the hours they are most productive, improving the final results.

That is an advantage of nearshore sourcing, it allows professionals to work at the time they prefer, but still maintain fluid communication with the rest of the team.

5) Soft skills also matter in the IT sector

Soft skills continue to gain ground, even within IT outsourcing trends in 2023. These are the ones that allow better teamwork, more empathy, flexibility, and discipline, among others.

Some of the most important soft skills for IT positions are:

  • Assertive communication: It will depend on it whether the exchange with the team is successful. This skill will be useful both for the development of the project in particular and for the realization of new job opportunities.
  • Resilience: Things can get complicated or change plans. Therefore, resilience is key to not giving up and face challenges with a “good face”, thus increasing the chances of success.
  • Organization: IT projects involve consecutive steps that often depend on the exchange with the rest of the team or another professional. Then, knowing how to organize the steps and the agenda will help to have greater foresight of times and tasks, which will benefit the fluidity of the work dynamics.
  • Analytical skills: The management of information and processes requires analytical skills in order to understand what happened and why in case of a problem.

How to adapt to IT outsourcing trends in 2023

The key to getting the full benefit of IT outsourcing trends in 2023 is to have a provider that allows us to access qualified talent, with the necessary skills and knowledge. But not only that, but we must also provide the conditions that will make our proposal attractive to these professionals.

An IT staff augmentation firm allows you to find professionals with the experience and capacity required for your project. Prioritizing the work dynamic that adapts to the needs of your company, regarding schedules and cultural aspects.

At the same time, with the support of a provider such as We Have Devs, you are assured that, once you find the right professional, you will be able to retain him/her with highly attractive conditions.

Are you ready to succeed in 2023 by adapting to IT outsourcing trends? We can help you make it happen.

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