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5 benefits of engineering staff augmentation services

Engineering staff augmentation services are a great option for hiring Sr. level software talent. Here are 5 benefits and how this hiring model works.

In this article, we summarize what the engineering staff augmentation services hiring process is like and what the benefits of incorporating this model into your organization are.

What are engineering staff augmentation services?

Engineering staff augmentation services is a type of outsourcing model that allows a company to incorporate temporary workers to fill positions for specific projects.

This modality facilitates the integration of highly qualified professionals and, at the same time, responds to the particular requirements of IT projects. Meeting time and business objectives, at a lower cost and without losing control of the progress of each project.

How do engineering staff augmentation services work?

With an agile and efficient recruitment process for engineering staff augmentation services, it is possible to respond to the need for specialized talent in a very short time.

Below, we share the onboarding and ongoing process steps:

1. Profile definition

In the profile definition stage, we consider the soft skills and professional experience that the talent must have. As well as the organizational requirements.

On the other hand, we outline the information that will be requested in the E-form or call.

2. Candidate search

To find the right candidates, we publish on job boards, post job ads on social networks and also review our database.

3. Conducting Interviews

The interviews seek to get to know the talent in depth to ensure the chances of success.

First, their knowledge is tested. This includes a technical pre-qualification and English test, to corroborate that the talent has the necessary knowledge to fill the position.

Then, we inquire about their professional and compensation expectations and evaluate the remote workspace and their soft skills.

4. Search Matching and Iteration

To obtain pre-candidates in 72 hours, we work to refine the profile, adjust the search and start the iteration.

5. Candidate Presentation

It is time for the client to meet the candidates we obtained in the search process. In this part, the selected talents have a personal and technical interview with the client.

Although this instance is in charge of the company that needs the talent, it will count on the coordination and follow-up of We Have Devs to guarantee a favorable evolution of the process.

6. Incorporation of the candidate

Our experience applied to each selection process makes it possible to incorporate the candidate in only two weeks.

This is because we have an agile system that includes the signing of the contract and administrative induction. So that you only have to worry about adding the professional to the project.

7. Post-contract follow up

We offer the client the supervision of the quality of the service, support in conflict resolution, invoicing, and, if necessary, replacement, and coverage of new vacancies.

Meanwhile, talents will have access to People Care and retention policies, career plan, payroll, HR administration, and benefits.

Benefits of engineering staff augmentation services

Through engineering staff augmentation services you will obtain a significant number of benefits, here we mention only 5 of them:

1. Maintaining Control

One of the significant advantages of the engineering staff augmentation service is that you can hire qualified talent to guarantee the efficiency of the project, but without giving up control over the progress.

On the other hand, thanks to this type of contracting, it is possible to reduce the risk of confidential information leakage and to take care of IT security.

2. Scalability

This contracting model helps your organization to accept projects of all sizes and meet them both in time and quality.

Therefore, it allows you to scale your company’s workforce and take on challenging projects without being limited by the skills of your team.

[H3] 3. Saving money and time

If you were to hire a full-time talent, you would have to contemplate recruitment expenses, benefits, and taxes. With this model, you can forget about these costs.

On the other hand, having a highly qualified professional requires you to pay for training, and you may even have to give him or her productive days to attend training. However, with engineering staff augmentation services, you will hire a person who already has that knowledge.

4. High productivity

This benefit has to do with the fact that the person will be focused on a project, putting all his attention and capacity to achieve the proposed objectives.

5. Innovation and objectivity

Through engineering staff augmentation, you will be able to add a fresh and objective view that will bring innovative ways of doing things to the organization.

As you can see, through engineering staff augmentation services, you can make your organization more competitive without limiting the acceptance of projects according to the availability of skills within your internal team. Moreover, this hiring modality is much more agile than adding full-time talent and is very beneficial in economic terms.

The great challenge is to count on a provider, such as We Have Devs, with experience, flexibility, and broad technological background to meet your IT talent needs.

You are just one step away from finding the IT talent you require. Get in touch and let’s start the search.

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