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8 Reasons to hire developers in Latam

If you still doubt whether it is possible to hire developers LATAM, here are 8 reasons to take action and how to do it.

With the expansion of remote work, it is possible to count on qualified IT talents from anywhere in the world to develop your projects successfully. Learn why hiring Latam developers is your best option.

8 reasons to hire developers Latam

There are many reasons to hire developers Latam, here we tell you some of them:

1) Qualified talent at lower costs

One of the great challenges of hiring developers under an outsourcing modality is to ensure that the talent has the necessary experience and skills for the position. This is one of the significant advantages of Latam personnel, who have more experience and are constantly looking to learn new tools to keep themselves updated.

2) Compatible time zone

For US and Western European companies, the time zone of Latin American countries is very convenient. This allows for smoother communication and collaboration, ensuring the chances of success.

3) High level of English

In most of Latin American countries, English is taught in schools. Therefore, in general terms, engineering talent in the region has a very good base of this language.

4) Lower cost of living for the workers

This is the reason more and more Latin American developers are looking to work abroad. Since it is very convenient for them to receive their salaries in dollars, due to the exchange rate of the currency and because they receive higher salaries than if they worked for companies in their country of residence.

5) Good connectivity

Working remotely requires taking into account an essential aspect: the connectivity of employees. In recent years, Latin American countries have grown in the development of telecommunications infrastructure, implementing technologies that ensure a constant and quality service.

6) Culture

Another reason to hire developers in Latin America is the fact of sharing the western culture. This point is important, since if the professional needs to work in a team, it is key to achieve a good understanding for the successful development of the project.

7) Commitment to the job

Latinos have the habit of commitment to work. Therefore, when hiring Latam developers, you will know that this person will be there until the task he/she is in charge of is finished. And, in case he/she cannot finish the project, he/she will be in charge of leaving everything in condition so that another developer can resume it without any inconvenience.

On the other hand, when there is a people care policy, these are people who are interested in creating a long-term relationship with the company they work for.

8) Flexibility

When hiring developers in Latam you will have a talent that adapts to each project and enjoys collaborating in challenging jobs within the framework of new technologies.

How much does it cost to hire developers in Latam?

As mentioned, Latin American developers are much more affordable. While it is possible to get them at even cheaper prices in India, it has the disadvantage of not sharing the time zone and culture, which turns out to be a major impediment to work.

Hiring developers in Latam, on average, costs less than half the cost in the US. But this is not the only advantage, as they are much more skilled, flexible and more available.

How to hire developers in Latam?

The best way to find and hire developers in Latam that fit the profile of the positions to be filled is to have a company that provides Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation. This way, the process will be much more agile and effective.

Here we share, in general terms, how is the process of hiring developers in Latam through We Have Devs.

  • We create the job profile: The first step will be to create the profile with the skills that the candidate needs to fulfill to fill the position.
  • We start the search: This is done through job boards, search ads on social networks, as well as our database.
  • Interviews: Once we have the potential candidates, we conduct the interviews. Where we evaluate the technical skills and the English test as well as, we also consider their expectations and that they fit the culture of your company.
  • Pre-selection of candidates: After refining the profile, we select in 72 hs candidates that we will present to the client.
  • Presentation to the client: Here the client meets the candidates and interviews them to make the final decision with the support and coordination of our team.
  • Hiring: We ensure that this step can be taken within 2 weeks. We take care of the signing of the contract under the worked hours and administrative induction modality that includes the management of international payments.
  • After contract follow-up: Finding the right talent is a challenge, but it is even more challenging to get their loyalty. For this reason, we focus on people care, helping talents to feel comfortable with the working conditions. Through benefits, retention policies, and career plans.

In conclusion,

We know that hiring Latam developers may sound very challenging, however, if you have a service like We Have Devs playing for your team, success is assured. Contact us and let’s start looking for the talent your company needs.

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