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5 mistakes to avoid when choosing an IT nearshore company for your organization

An IT nearshore company can make finding the right talent much more effortless. But if you make any of these mistakes, the result could be not so happy.

Nearshore recruiting allows companies that need IT talent for their projects to access suitable professionals, even on a tight budget.

For U.S. companies, professionals working in Latin America are the best option. The reasons are competitive prices, more experience, an excellent level of English, and, thanks to the same time zone, the possibility of working in real-time with their internal team.

This article summarizes the 5 most common mistakes when hiring an IT nearshore company and the 3 keys to finding the right IT nearshore company.

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing an IT nearshore company

If you choose to outsource to a nearshore IT company, be careful not to make these mistakes:

Full-service outsourcing

Choosing an IT nearshore company that offers full outsourcing of the service involves certain risks.

On the one part, you will feel that you have lost control of the progress of the project, losing the possibility of adjusting the development to your own culture and experience.

On the other part, external development requires the use and handling of information very sensitive of the company outside the corporate networks. This can lead to security breaches and potential data loss, having a very big impact depending on the type of information involved.

Only take into account onboarding and do not consider ongoing

When hiring talent through an IT nearshore company, it is very important to have ongoing for several reasons:

  • Evaluate performance: In this way, it is possible to assess whether the objectives proposed under the project are being achieved.
  • Identify problems: In development, it is possible that problems or challenges may arise, and monitoring allows addressing them in a timely manner and avoiding possible delays or more serious problems.
  • Drive continuous improvement: Monitoring can provide valuable information on how IT processes and services can be improved, which can lead to greater efficiency and productivity.
  • Manage risks: By on going, risks such as security issues or data loss can be anticipated and addressed, and measures can be taken to minimize these risks.

In other words, monitoring is essential to ensure that IT service outsourcing is done effectively and thus maximizes the benefits of this strategy.

Hire inexperienced companies

It is very important to check that the IT nearshore company you hire has experience providing IT staff augmentation services. Over time, these companies acquire the ability to anticipate details and risks, optimizing your investment.

A company with little experience does not have the necessary knowledge to provide quality services and solve complex problems, which can lead to delays that affect the project itself.

In the talent selection process, experience in IT outsourcing services has an impact on a correct and detailed definition of the profile required to meet the client’s needs. If this step fails, sooner or later, this incorporation could be inadequate or insufficient.

That the IT nearshore company does not have its own talent database

When the IT staff augmentation company does not have its own database, the process is slow and less efficient.

A proprietary talent database allows the IT nearshore company to quickly adapt to the needs of its clients and provide personnel with the right skills and knowledge for each project.

In addition, it can respond nimbly to searches with a wide variety of talent, reducing the time it takes to find and hire staff.

While, once the right talent is found, the IT staff augmentation company is confident that it is hiring highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field. This can increase the quality of the services it provides and reduce the risk of problems.

Choose it only for the technology required in the current search

If you choose the IT nearshore company only for the technology you require in the current search, you are likely to regret it in the future. Because in case the current project requires other expertise or skills or if you undertake new searches in the future and the current vendor cannot meet your needs, you will have to start from scratch with another company.

In general, hiring an IT staff augmentation company with a broad technological background can provide greater flexibility, experience, quality, and efficiency. Allowing you to build a long-term, trusting relationship.

3 keys to finding the right IT nearshore company

To help you find the right IT nearshore company, we share with you 3 keys:

Find out how soon the talent will be in a position to start work

No one likes to waste time and any business that suffers delays, the wait translates into lost money as well.

Typically, IT nearshore companies make it possible for talent to be available for work within 3 to 5 weeks. However, at We Have Devs, we guarantee that the professional will be ready to work in as little as 2 weeks.

That’s not all, when you contact us, in as little as 72 hours we will be able to show you the candidates.

Evaluate the price-quality ratio

Find out about the quality and experience of the talents and evaluate them in relation to the rates proposed by the provider.

You can do this by benchmarking the talent’s experience and price against other IT nearshore companies. For example, in We Have Devs we have senior resources with more than 5 years of experience and advanced English, the latter makes communication more agile.

On the other hand, our rates are much more convenient compared to other companies in the sector. For US organizations, our rates are 50% cheaper than local hiring. Not only that, but our low turnover rate of just 7% indicates that we build long-term relationships with these talents.

Make sure the supplier has a broad technology background

Think of an IT nearshore company as a toolbox, Would you buy a toolbox with only a screwdriver in it?

When you hire an IT staff augmentation company, you are acquiring a set of tools that will allow you to solve current needs but will also be able to respond to future requirements.

Therefore, make sure that the company has a broad tech background that allows you to solve your needs with the right IT talent.

We Have Devs is an IT nearshore company that can offer you qualified talent, at a competitive price and with a broad technological background. We have 25 years of experience that will give you the certainty of accessing the right talent without overspending.

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