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Why are more and more U.S. companies hiring IT nearshore in Colombia?

American companies are betting on IT nearshore in Colombia. This decision is not capricious, it responds to the multiple advantages that this destination has.

Colombia has advantages ranging from infrastructure, education, geographic location, and political context. Benefits that American companies have been able to appreciate the benefit of developing successful IT projects with highly qualified talents.

5 advantages of hiring it nearshore in Colombia

In general terms, hiring in Latin America has important advantages such as lower costs or a similar time zone that facilitates collaboration between the talent and the company.

However, there are certain specific advantages that make nearshore IT sourcing in Colombia very beneficial.

1. Government policy of exporting services

For more than 20 years now, Colombia has been implementing different projects to improve the economic state of the country. One issue that has been developing in recent years has been the international outsourcing of services.

Due to the opportunities offered by this business modality, American companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to hire IT talent.

In addition, according to the IT Colombia 2022 Labor Market Report, almost 60% of IT professionals choose the remote work modality. This is in line with the IT nearshore hiring in Colombia.

IT nearshore in colombia
Source: Reporte del Mercado Laboral de TI Colombia 2022

2. University training of talented

IT professionals in Colombia has a solid academic background and extensive experience in the field of information technology.

Every year, more than 13,000 technical and engineering professionals graduate from Colombian technological universities in IT-related disciplines.

Moreover, thanks to government policies that promote the export of IT services, there are many people with experience in the latest technologies.

3. Excellent communications infrastructure

The electrical and telecommunications infrastructure in Colombia. Bogotá has 81% of the population with a home Internet connection. The most important cities, such as Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena, are some of the best in Latin America.

4. Cultural Similarity

Currently, an estimated 2,700,000 Colombians have chosen to live in the United States. This gives the indication that there is a cultural closeness that makes possible successful collaboration with IT professionals from this country, thanks to fluid and effective communication.

Why are more and more U.S. companies hiring it nearshore in Colombia?

U.S. companies are increasingly hiring IT nearshore in Colombia. Geographic location and other factors influence this decision:

Geographic proximity makes face-to-face meetings possible

With a flight from Colombia, it is possible to be in the United States in just 3 hours. This makes it easier and cheaper to organize meetings or face-to-face work.

Some companies bet on face-to-face work to protect the security of information through the exclusive use of corporate networks for its management.

Laws and business rules shared by both countries

The United States and Colombia have shared a close political relationship, which is comforting to know when conducting international business practices.

Excellent cost-benefit ratio for salaries

The IT industry in Colombia, especially in Bogotá, offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio compared to other Latin American cities.

The investment promotion agency “Invest Bogotá” explains that this city has an untapped supply of talent for half the price of its U.S. counterparts.

There is no need for permanent hiring

The great thing about project-based relationships is that you can try to work together and if it doesn’t work out, part ways when the project is finished. If both parties enjoy working together, they can build a long-term relationship.

How can a U.S. company hire IT nearshore in Colombia?

The best way to hire IT nearshore in Colombia is through a Staff Augmentation company specialized in the technology sector, such as We Have Devs.

Doing it this way allows you to access many benefits that will help you to concentrate on your development project. Among them, we can mention:

  • Hire a provider that knows about the technologies and the details to be taken into account to define the candidate’s profile.
  • Freeing you from the process of recruiting and selecting the right candidate(s).
  • Derivation of the administrative induction, avoiding delays in the incorporation of talent.
  • Certainty that the chosen professional is the right one for your needs, since this type of firm carries out an exhaustive search of candidates.
  • A post-hire follow-up service that includes People Care and support for you in case of conflict, talent replacement, or new searches.

If you need to hire IT nearshore in Colombia, you can count on us. We offer you candidates in 72 hours and the guarantee that you will be able to incorporate the talent in two weeks.

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