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How to hire IT outsourcing in Brazil

What makes IT outsourcing in Brazil very convenient for companies. Here we answer this question and tell you how to get it.

Training and experience, geographical proximity, and other points make IT outsourcing in Brazil a tempting option for American companies. Learn about other advantages of Brazilian talent, where to look for it, and what is the best opportunity to find it.

Why hire IT outsourcing in Brazil

There are several reasons that justify IT outsourcing in Brazil. Here are the main ones.

1. Excellence in professional training

In 2022, the consulting firm QS published its ranking of World Universities. There, the University of São Paulo appears in 135th place for its performance in the area of Engineering and Technology.

While the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, ranked as the third-best educational institution in Latin America to study information engineering.

These statistics show that developers trained at Brazilian universities will be prepared with the best tools to solve the challenges of their projects.

2. More experienced developers

When you hire IT outsourcing in Brazil, you get access to more experienced professionals. According to a survey conducted by the Stack Overflow platform to 70 thousand of programmers around the world, Brazil has developers with more than 11 years of experience.

IT outsourcing in Brazil
Source: Stack overflow developers survey 2022

3. All benefits of nearshore outsourcing

For American companies, outsourcing IT in Brazil helps to save costs compared to hiring IT staff internally. In addition to taking advantage of the experience and expertise of a team of experienced IT professionals.

Moreover, the similar time zone allows for fluid exchange between the internal team and the outsourced talent. At the same time, cultural similarity makes communication simpler and more effective.

4. Bring innovation to your projects

Finally, it is important to consider that because Brazil’s technology industry is growing rapidly, when you outsource to Brazil, you have access to the latest technologies and innovations in this field.

5 ways how to hire IT outsourcing in Brazil

Now, how do you go about finding talent for IT outsourcing in Brazil?
Below we share with you all the possible ways.

Try out freelancing platforms

There are countless platforms that facilitate contact between professionals and the companies that need them.

They may charge a fee to the employer or employee according to the platform’s usage policies. For example, they can provide free registration to talents and when they hire them through the platform, demand a percentage of the amount charged for the work. This commission can be around 8.5%.

Others charge companies commissions or fixed costs to publish their ads.

If you choose this way of contacting talents, the search and induction process will fall on the internal HR area as well as the actions aimed at retaining those talents.

Post an ad in LinkedIn job searches

LinkedIn’s jobs page is an option as well. Just go to the “Jobs” section, and click on the “Post a job” button where you can upload all the details of the contract.

Once this action is done, in order for the platform to promote your ad, you will need to upload a payment method. Then assign a daily budget, a total budget, and other data to manage your investment.

Finally, click on “Post Job Ad”.

In this case, both the selection process and the induction and People Care policies will be in your charge.

Hire through a professional IT staff augmentation firm

IT staff augmentation companies are a great option to find the right talent for your needs. Thanks to their experience, they help define each profile in detail and then take charge of searching for the right person exhaustively from different sources.

In addition, they have processes that make searches much more agile and effective and facilitate the induction of new talent. In some cases, they even have a follow-up service after incorporation.

Proactively search social networks

You can post your ad in online communities where professionals like the ones you are looking for interact. It is important in this case to be specific about the most “tempting” details of your offer.

On the other hand, this type of search can bring numerous applicants, but it is likely that many of them do not have the necessary skills, which will generate more work for the Human Resources area. Unlike advertisements on LinkedIn, there are no filters applied here to ensure that the proposal reaches the right candidates.

For this reason, the selection process is likely to be slower. At the same time, the area will also have to take care of induction and implement People Care strategies.

The reason is simple, a staff augmentation firm makes the process of hiring IT outsourcing in Brazil simpler and more effective.

If you are wondering how to hire IT outsourcing in Brazil through a staff augmentation firm, here are the steps to follow.

Choosing the right IT staff augmentation firm

To add talent through an IT staff augmentation firm, first it is necessary to find the right provider. To achieve this, we recommend that you consider the following aspects:


The ability to find the right talent is something that is exercised over time. Experienced IT staff augmentation companies know where to look and that makes the processes more agile.

We know that the years refine the sense that allows us to find the right people, we know this because we started providing IT staff augmentation services 25 years ago.

Proven processes

Linked to the previous point, it is important to consider that the company has proven processes that contribute to optimizing time and guarantee good results.

Quality candidates in a few days: Time is money and the sooner you have the pre-candidates and can choose who will fill the position, the sooner you can start your project. Not only that, you will have the person who has the necessary skills to perform the job efficiently.

For example, at We Have Devs, you will have a pre-selection of candidates in 72 hours.

Administrative Induction

Another issue to take into account is that the IT staff augmentation company includes the administrative induction process. This will speed up the time and will allow the chosen professional to be ready to start working quickly.

Our company has this benefit, allowing the professional to be ready to start working in only 2 weeks.


One of the biggest challenges that companies face when hiring IT outsourcing in Brazil is to retain talent once they have found it. Therefore, it is important to consider including this service before hiring an IT staff augmentation company.

Convey to the supplier the skills required for the position to be filled

Once you have chosen and contacted the right company for IT outsourcing in Brazil, it is time to convey the skills required for the position to be filled. In this way, the company will be able to detail the profile you need and start actively.

Choosing the professional that meets your expectations

Then, the company will present you with a shortlist of candidates for you to interview. In our case, when it comes to this stage, we provide support to clients through our coordination.

In this way, the selection process will be much simpler and, above all, effective.

Incorporating talent into your project

Once the candidate has been selected, the company will take care of the administrative induction agile so that he/she can start working as soon as possible.

Generally, this process can take between 3 and 5 weeks. But, at We Have Devs, we have managed to reduce this timeframe to just 2 weeks.

Retaining talent for the long term

You’ve already found the talent you need, now it’s time to nurture it. An IT staff augmentation company can also help you with that.

To achieve this, there are several tools, such as the ones we use at We Have Devs. We refer to People Care and retention policies, benefits, and career plan, among others.

It can also happen that talent does not adapt to the dynamics or, for other reasons, decides to leave the project. At this point, there are also great advantages to having hired through a staff augmentation provider. For example, with We Have Devs you will have the service of Conflict Resolution and, if necessary, the replacement, or coverage of new vacancies. In this way, you will have continuous support and accompaniment.

As we can see, hiring IT outsourcing in Brazil not only represents many benefits for your company, but also simplifies the process of hiring and retaining talent.

Your company can have access to IT Brazilian talent with only the right provider. You can count on us.

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