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Steps to successful Java development outsourcing

What are the steps to follow for Java development outsourcing? Here are 3 reasons to go for this option and how to carry it out.

More and more companies are betting on Java development through outsourcing. However, the companies that hire face the dilemma of doing it independently or through managed services or IT staff augmentation firm.

Here we tell you which is the most convenient option for your organization and the step by step to carry out this action.

3 reasons to Java development outsource to an IT staff augmentation firm

Java is a computer programming language platform on which a wide range of mobile applications, games, web content, and enterprise software is based.

Some companies are betting on in-house Java language development, and many others have discovered how advantageous outsourcing development can be.

However, those who must hire are faced with the uncertainty of finding independent developers or companies that provide the service under the managed services modality. In this context, a much more profitable and agile option appears, which offers guarantees of success in the development, we are talking about IT staff augmentation companies.

Beyond the advantages we have just mentioned, there are aspects that position IT staff augmentation companies as the best option for java development outsourcing.

Detailed profile

Before starting a search, IT staff augmentation companies interview the client to know not only the required skills but also the company’s culture.

A human approach that seeks to avoid future friction between the talent and the members of the organization. The objective of taking this into account is to achieve an excellent working environment for both and enhance the chances of success of the project.

Talent with the experience required for your project

IT staff augmentation companies like We Have Devs work with talent that has the expertise your project needs. This way, the organization can access talent with more than 5 years of experience, paying half the cost compared to local talent.

Vendor support in case of replacement

One of the aspects that most concerns hiring companies is what happens if the talent decides to leave the project. In this regard, and in the case of We Have Devs in particular, the client has the peace of mind of having an ongoing service. This includes monitoring the performance of the talent to ensure that they are meeting the client’s needs and replacing them if necessary.

This point is an aspect that will not count in the case of hiring independently, and much less if you hire java development outsourcing through managed services.

Steps to successful Java development outsourcing

Java development outsourcing is in itself a challenging project if we do not follow the steps to ensure that we have access to qualified professionals who are up to the task of our project. That is why we recommend you follow this step-by-step to achieve excellent results.

1. Choose the supplier

In this phase, we recommend you take into account the experience of the IT staff augmentation service provider. This will make it possible not only to get the talent according to your needs, but also the certainty that they will know how to solve with agility the challenges that may arise.

On the other hand, it is important to offer nearshore talent, since it is an aspect that provides more fluidity to the project and, in the case of Latin American talent, provides the benefit of a great commitment.

Even if for the moment you only require Java technology development, make sure that the provider has a broad technological background. This will make it possible that, if you feel comfortable working with this company and in the future, you need professionals in other technologies, you will be able to count on this provider.

2. Share the requirements that the candidate must meet

It seems obvious, but it is not, development services have infinite variables that can be defined between successful results and failure. Explain in a very detailed way what the talent will have to do, and do not forget to mention also the soft skills, in addition to the technological knowledge.

3. Interview candidates

Once the selection process is underway, the vendor will introduce you to the candidates, so you can interview them. In the case of We Have Devs, in just 72 hours you will have the selection of candidates.

In the interview step, you will be able to see which candidate best fits your needs and, above all, that he/she will be able to function as one more within your team.

In our services, we coordinate the interview and support the client so that he/she can get the most out of this instance.

4. Technical Evaluation

There are several ways to perform the technical evaluation, ranging from a technical interview with your best programmers to a challenge. However, it is very common to see that the best developers are not willing to go through a challenge of several hours. Consequently, an adverse selection process is generated, where the more experienced developer refuses to spend a lot of time in a job evaluation and the less prepared one accepts the entry tests more naturally.

In our experience, we believe that a good technical interview helps to identify the best candidates. Then during the first month of work, the right fit is perceived, both technically and culturally.

5. Choose the one that best fits your expectations

Now that you have all the information, you are in a position to indicate which talent best fits your needs.
In this step, with an IT staff augmentation company like We Have Devs you have the advantage of having the administrative induction that frees you from this tedious process.

6. Start developing your project

You are now ready to start working with the chosen talent in the java development outsourcing hiring process.

Choosing the right partner for Java development outsourcing

In the IT staff augmentation sector there is a wide range of offerings, so finding the right partner is a challenge.

It is therefore important to ask yourself these questions in order to choose the right partner.

Do you have experience in IT staff augmentation?

According to the company directory, of the 15 IT staff augmentation companies that lead this type of service, only 13% have 20 years or more of experience.

java development outsourcing

The We Have Devs executive team has more than 25 years of experience providing high-quality IT outsourcing services. With trajectory in more than 6 countries in Latin America, the U.S., and Spain.

Do you maintain fluid communication with clients?

Good communication is the key to expeditious work. From the beginning of the contracting process and throughout the relationship, projects require agile and effective communication.

When the supplier takes days to respond, we lose time (and money).

Do you offer compatible talent in time zone and cultures?

When professionals work in a similar time zone, they work simultaneously with the rest of the team. In this way, project progress is agile.

In turn, when you share the same culture, your company benefits greatly. In the case of companies in the United States that hire Latinos, they can communicate fluently, and they also have committed and proactive talents, which enrich the projects in each instance.

In conclusion, hiring java development outsourcing is a challenge that thanks to having a suitable IT staff augmentation firm can be successfully overcome. With We Have Devs, you can access qualified talent that will make it possible to develop your IT project.

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