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Latam IT nearshore benefits vs outsourcing in Asia

What are the Latam IT nearshore benefits vs. outsourcing in Asia. Why US companies should opt for nearshore. Here are all the answers.

One of the biggest challenges faced by CIOs of American companies is to get quality, committed and affordable talent. In this article, we tell you what is the best option to solve this dilemma and at the same time how you can acquire the right talent for your organization.

Latam IT nearshore benefits and disadvantages

Many companies are forced to evaluate the talent to be outsourced according to the available budget. In this context, there is a dilemma between nearshore and offshore hiring in Asia.

There are numerous Latam IT nearshore benefits, among them, we can name:

  • cultural similarities make the work more fluid,
  • excellent English language skills,
  • Geographic proximity allows for real-time collaboration.

If we talk about disadvantages, the price could be one of them. If we compare it with the prices in Asia, on average they are a bit higher. According to the average rates are between $25-$49, while in Latam the average is $49-$99. With some exceptions, such as We Have Devs, which has rates between $40 and $60 per hour.

latam it nearshore benefits

Although there is a cost difference, hiring IT talent in Latam will compensate for the price with higher productivity and a more significant commitment to the project.

Some disadvantages of hiring talent in Asia are

  • high staff turnover,
  • wide time difference, when in the US it is daytime, in Asia it is nighttime,
  • cultural differences hinder fluid communication and continuity from start to finish of the talent within the project.

Therefore, as we can see, beyond the fact that one of the great advantages of hiring in Asia is a lower cost. In the long run, this may complicate the normal development of the process in the future and imply the need to start from scratch with another professional. Even if the Latin talent leaves the project before it is finished, they organize the information so that their successor can resume the work.

Why US companies should bet on Latam IT nearshore benefits

Now, we can already glimpse the reason more and more companies are betting on Latin American talents. But now we will discuss in depth what are the Latam IT nearshore benefits that drive them to hire these talents.

Same time zone

One of the main advantages is to share similar work schedules. This allows on the one hand to solve and collaborate in real-time. This has a direct impact on the progress of the project.

latam it nearshore benefits
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Autonomous, collaborative and proactive resources

If there is one thing that characterizes Latam’s IT talent, it is their willingness to collaborate on projects, adding value whenever possible. At the same time, thanks to their proactivity, they are autonomous and very responsible when it comes to executing their work.

This allows us to build long-term relationships with them.

Good English communication

In many Latin American countries, English language instruction is included in the educational program. On the other hand, within this culture, it is considered that speaking this language is a necessity that can be a gateway to better job opportunities.

This means that the level of English language skills is of very good quality. Facilitating communication between the company and the hired talent.

Competitive prices

While we saw in Asia you can get cheaper rates, cheap can be expensive for your organization. That’s why betting on hiring in Latam means an excellent price-quality ratio.

In the case of We Have Devs, you can access quality talent from $40 per hour. Paying 50% less than senior resources living in the US.

Not to mention, if we evaluate this aspect concerning US-based talent, which can be obtained at twice that price and in most cases does not have the required experience for the position.

Strong technical skills

Another advantage to consider is having a proven technological background. Without this, it won’t matter how much we pay for the development service if you can’t bring real talent to the project.

Latinos are restless and self-taught. They look for new ways of doing things and always keep themselves updated.

How can your company obtain Latam IT nearshore benefits?

The best way to take advantage of all the Latam IT nearshore benefits is to hire talent through an IT staff augmentation company. This allows you to get the right professionals, in less time and, above all, not have to worry about complex administrative issues.

For example, at We Have Devs we offer our US clients:

  • Resources with more than 5 years of experience, or the experience that the company demands, with the advanced English language at half the cost of local talent.
  • Not only that, but in as little as 72 hours we have the pre-candidates.
  • In less than 2 weeks, the candidate is ready to start working, including administrative induction.
  • It then includes a follow-up with People Care policies and client support to evaluate the performance of the professional and, if necessary, provide new people to fill the position.

We have more than 25 years of experience in staff augmentation, this has made us a trusted American company both for talents and for the companies that choose us to provide them with services.

It’s time to start enjoying the Latam IT nearshore benefits, we can help you simply access them.

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