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5 advantages of Latin America software outsourcing

Here we tell you some advantages of Latin America software outsourcing. Learn how to contract these talents and the keys you should take into account to find them.

The most demanded countries in Latin America software outsourcing are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia. The qualified talents coming from these destinations meet the necessary conditions to be the ideal candidates to fill IT positions at a very convenient cost for those who hire. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to add suitable candidates to your team.

Advantages of Latin America software outsourcing

Latin America software outsourcing has many advantages for outsourcing companies. Here are just 5 of them:

1) Affordable prices

The cost of software outsourcing in Latin America is undoubtedly the most significant advantage. This is for one good reason, professionals have a lower cost of living than any American or European workers. Therefore, the value of their hiring could be up to 50% lower.

2) Real-time Collaboration

One factor that ensures the success of your development projects is having the ability to maintain seamless collaboration. South America software outsourcing is possible thanks to time zone sharing.

In this way, your internal team will be working at the same time as the outsourced talents, allowing a real-time exchange that will ensure the progress of the work.

3) Excellent communication

According to the report published by Education First EF with the Ranking of 112 countries and regions by English skills, Latam has a very good level.

The most demanded countries in software outsourcing in Latin America are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia. Which, as we can see in the following image, in general terms have a good knowledge of this language.

5 advantages of latin america software outsourcing
Source: Page 22. Education First EF A Ranking of 112 Countries and Regions by English Skills

This is of great importance, as it facilitates communication and collaboration among team members.

4) Low job desertion rates

When it comes to outsourcing, one of the questions that arise is what will be their level of commitment to the project. Because when a professional deserts, there is a great loss of time to find a replacement and money due to a new hiring process and the delay in the expected project development times.

Well, we have good news! Latin American software professionals are very committed. Even in cases where they decide, for personal development, to take on other work challenges, they usually leave everything in order so that someone else can continue the tasks without problems.

5) Experience and enjoyment of challenges

Another great advantage of software outsourcing in Latin America is that they have a great deal of experience in various IT skills. This is complemented by a spirit of constant search for new knowledge to become an even more qualified talent.

How to contract Latin America software outsourcing?

Now, we see that it is very convenient to hire Latin America software outsourcing, but how can you find the right talents?

Here we share different channels that will allow you to find them.

1) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social network for excellence and offers companies the possibility to publish their searches in the “Jobs” section. In this way, people who have activated the alert according to the profile you are looking for will receive a notification.

This modality allows you to have personal contact with the candidates and direct contact with them. In addition, if you have them, it is possible to access the reviews of other employers.

5 advantages of latin america software outsourcing
Source: LinkedIn’s software job search

2) Job boards

Job boards are intermediaries between companies and candidates. They facilitate the talent search, consulting their database according to the profile requested by the company. After hiring, some of them offer payment management services according to specific rules.

Given the growing demand for software professionals, in addition to generic job search portals, specialized IT job boards have emerged.

3) IT outsourcing services

This would be the all-in-one option. This type of company, as is the case of We Have Devs, facilitates the search process, guaranteeing the chances of success.

The advantage of hiring IT outsourcing services is that it covers the process from end to end. From the definition of the profile that your company needs, the search, pre-candidate interviews, and support in internal interviews, to the incorporation and post-hiring follow-up.

Thanks to a proven process, times are significantly reduced. For example, it is possible to present pre-candidates in as little as 72 hours, and in two weeks the new qualified talent will be ready to start working.

Keys to find Latin America software outsourcing

So, the keys to finding Latin America software outsourcing that your company needs are:

1) Exhaustive search

To find qualified IT talent, it is necessary to undertake an exhaustive search. This requires a detailed definition of the competencies and knowledge needed, as well as their soft skills.

Once the candidate’s profile is outlined, it is time to search different sources such as job boards, social media postings, and databases. This is the great advantage of hiring IT outsourcing services.

2) Knowledge verification

Qualified IT talents to require specific knowledge about tools and languages. This is an aspect to take into account when looking for Latin America software outsourcing.

That is why at We Have Devs, before selecting pre-candidates, we conduct a technical pre-qualification and an English test. In this way, we assure our clients that the potential candidates for the position are qualified.

3) Agility in the selection and onboarding process

As in any recruitment, agility is key. Speeding up recruiting and onboarding helps save both time and money.

However, it’s not about rushing it, it’s about having a proven process that facilitates onboarding and ongoing talent. That’s why our clients have the peace of mind that in less than 3 weeks they will have the right candidates joining their team.

In conclusion,

Latin America software outsourcing is a great option to have qualified talent in your company at a low cost and all the necessary knowledge.

You only have to give one little step, contact us and find the right candidate.

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