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Hire developers for a startup: Challenges and one solution

Hiring developers for a startup is a process full of challenges; however, it is possible to solve them through a solution.

Finding developers to work for a startup has structural and economic limitations that, coupled with the company’s lack of trajectory, make it difficult to obtain qualified talent for projects. However, these challenges can be solved in a simple and affordable way.

In this article, we review the main challenges that startups face in the IT recruitment process and how you can solve them.

5 challenges to hire developers for a startup

A startup struggles against established and well-known companies. But like the story of David and Goliath, if you act strategically, you can overcome these 5 challenges successfully.

Limited budget

For startups, developers are in a key position to fill not only in the application creation stage, but also in the maintenance part of the platforms. When you need to hire developers for a startup there is a complex obstacle to overcome, it is a small company with a minimal team, to which the payment of one or more salaries, with their respective social security charges and annual vacations, represents a considerable burden.

Startups are young companies with a financial structure under construction, which makes the acquisition of long-term payment commitments more complex. In this context, it is necessary to have a strategy that allows access to talent without jeopardizing the continuity of the business.

Need to fill the position quickly and efficiently

Due to the need to quickly develop projects that will allow the company to grow, startups cannot afford to waste time and money.

Development positions need to be filled as quickly and efficiently. Therefore, they need to optimize the search process, and to achieve this they can turn to IT staff augmentation companies that have the experience and means to find the right talent.

Require to develop projects for a certain period of time

Development projects usually take place in a predefined period of time. Often the magnitude of the projects does not justify the incorporation of the talent into the permanent team of the organization.

This is a great challenge that makes it look like a not-very-tempting offer for those who are looking for long-term job stability.

Limited in-house team for selection

Startups frequently have a limited in-house team, so they may not have the skilled talent to fill certain positions. This may be because a project requires specific technology skills or knowledge, or because the existing team needs to be expanded.

Inevitably, this situation leads to the need for external talent.

Its brand is little known

The lack of trajectory of a startup can be risky for talents because the stability of the company over time and therefore of the source of work is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, as this business model works with scarce resources and at the same time is in the process of construction, the demand for work is higher.

However, it can also be a great opportunity for those who enjoy work challenges and like to actively participate in the collective construction of the business.

One solution to hire developers for a startup

Faced with this seemingly disadvantageous context, there is a solution for startups, and that is to hire their talents through an IT staff augmentation company.

These types of firms, such as We Have Devs, have the necessary experience to respond to the specific needs of hire developers for a startup. Finding the person or persons with the skills and knowledge required for the development of projects of diverse magnitude, regardless of the period of execution.

They also help to overcome the challenge of finding qualified talent in less time. For example, at We Have Devs, in as little as 72 hours, a startup can obtain the first candidates. While in 2 weeks the chosen talent will be available to start working.

Beyond the selection process, hire developers for a startup is simpler in administrative terms. In the case of We Have Devs, we perform the administrative induction and, in addition, we offer the Ongoing which include people care policies, benefits, and HR administration. At the same time, we support the startup by monitoring the quality of service, conflict resolution, replacements, and billing.

This is how IT staff augmentation companies are the solution for the process of hire developers for a startup to be agile and respond to their particular needs.

For 25 years in We Have Devs, we have been helping companies to find in Latam the qualified talents they need to develop their IT projects. This is possible thanks to a competitive price and the convenience of nearshore hiring.

We make it possible to hire developers for a startup to stop being an obstacle course and start being the answer to your company’s growth.

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