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5 simple steps to set up a nearshore development team

Do you need to set up a working group while minimizing risks? Then you need a nearshore development team. Here are the 5 steps to create one.

Nearshore is a convenient outsourcing modality that allows you to optimize project times and results without sacrificing corporate culture, work focus, or progress control. Learn how to create the ideal team and who can make this process simpler.

What is a nearshore development team?

Nearshore Development teams are IT groups that work more efficiently from a geographic location other than your company’s but share the same time zone. This resource allows you to optimize project time and results without sacrificing corporate culture or work focus.

In-house Vs Nearshore Software Development Team

In-house development refers to assigning a software development project to an IT team that already belongs to the company. On the other hand, nearshore development involves transferring the responsibility for the development work to an external partner in a nearby country.

But what does each of these modalities bring to the development of a project?

1. Lack of qualified talent vs. experienced professionals

The experience or technological background of the team will matter when it comes to developing a project.

When you rely on using in-house talent for your IT projects, likely, you do not have the necessary experience or technological skills, or both. On the other hand, the nearshore development team allows you to precisely describe the team’s requirements, and the search is tailored to your needs.

Therefore, with the nearshore model, you can be sure that you have the development resources that will allow the project to be carried out on time.

2. Waste of time vs. optimized work

It is well known that the profitability of your business or a development project requires that the planned completion times are met.

The experience of the team also plays a role here. When your internal team has to face a project in which it does not have a lot of experience, or it is necessary to add some talent to complete the expertise, time is lost. If you don’t have the experience, the team will be slow in trial and error. In case the internal team requires a specific skill, adding a new member will also generate delays as he/she will have to be integrated into the team dynamics.

While through the nearshore software development team you add a team that, as a unit, develops the project. They have a common goal, they share the responsibility for the work they do (as well as it’s quality) in each iteration and the project.

3. Permanent vs. time-limited contract

If we go into administrative issues, having an in-house team entails the need to pay fixed costs month after month to comply with labor regulations.

On the other hand, outsourcing a nearshore development team allows you to have the right talent for only as long as you need it. This allows you to reduce fixed costs while still providing excellent working conditions for that team.

5 steps to set up a nearshore development team

A nearshore development team brings together project management, software development, and quality assurance through coordinated, fully autonomous work, capable of taking a complete initiative from start to finish.

1. Choosing an IT staff augmentation company

The first step is to research your options and choose a suitable outsourcing company. We know this may seem like a difficult decision, however, if you consider the following aspects, it will be much simpler:

  • Verify that it is a company with a lot of experience providing the service and that it offers team formation within its catalog.
  • Review the proposal and make sure that once the nearshore development team starts working, they communicate and report the status as often as you need. A case in point would be the use of Scrum methodology, such as the one we use at We Have Devs.
  • Confirm that even if you delegate the hiring of the team to an IT staff augmentation company, the product owner will still be you.
  • Make sure that the IT staff augmentation company provides you with a forecast of costs and hiring times.

2. Define what kind of profile you need to cover

As in any staff augmentation process, the first step is to understand the composition of the team that your project requires.

In We Have Devs experience, teams are composed of:

  • A project manager or Scrum Master
  • Software engineers
  • QA engineers
  • plus other specific roles required by the project.

In this step, combining our experience and your company’s requirements, we work to define the technological stack, experience, roles, and responsibilities. This way we get a detailed profile of the development team we are looking for.

3. Candidates search

Once the profile of the candidates needed to confirm the nearshore development team has been defined, the outsourcing services provider will be in charge of providing the human resources.

The important thing at this point is to verify that the talents have the technical and English language skills that allow them to work effectively and agile with the rest of the team. In the case of We Have Devs, we offer our clients pre-candidates in as little as 72 hours.

4. Interviewing and hiring the selected talents

Once we have the pre-selection of candidates, it is time to present them to the clients. In this instance, with the support of the staff augmentation service provider, the professionals that will integrate the nearshore development team are chosen.

When the people who will take part in the team are defined, the provider begins the process of contract negotiation and administrative induction. This frees the client from the cumbersome hiring process, saving time and money.

For example, at We Have Devs we offer a hiring process of fewer than 2 weeks while other companies take 5 weeks.

5. Talent care

Not only is it about an agile hiring process, but an IT staff augmentation service provider, like We Have Devs, can help you face one of the biggest challenges in the industry: talent retention.

That’s why post-hire follow-up through People Care actions, HR administration, benefits, and retention policies are relevant. In this way, you will ensure that you have and keep the members of the nearshore development team.

In addition, you, as the client, will have oversight of service quality, conflict resolution, and billing. On the other hand, in case any of the talents leave the project, or you need to fill new vacancies, you will have the certainty of an agile replacement.

One way to find your perfect nearshore development team

As you have seen, the way to find the right nearshore development team is to hire the right provider to accompany the development of each of the 5 steps mentioned above.

For 25 years, We Have Devs has been helping U.S. companies to build their teams with Latin American human resources. This gave them access to talent with the experience they need, with a broad technological background, combined with the advantages of working with a similar time zone and culture. All this is a much more convenient cost than working with local talent.

If you want to access all these advantages when creating your nearshore development team, contact us and start working with them in less than 3 weeks.

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