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How to find the best nearshore IT developers in Chile

Find the best nearshore IT developers in Chile is a big challenge. Here we give you the reasons why it is a great option and how to find the right ones.

In less than two years, the number of IT professionals has almost doubled, and many of them are looking for new remote job opportunities paid in dollars.

Because of these and other characteristics, Chilean developers offer many advantages to the companies that hire them. We invite you to know the 5 advantages of hiring nearshore IT professionals in Chile and which are the steps to follow to find the right ones.

5 advantages to recruiting IT nearshore in Chile

The nearshore IT recruitment in Chile can have several advantages for companies that bet on external talents, some of these advantages are:

Geographical proximity

Chile is in a similar time zone to North America and Europe, which facilitates collaboration and real-time communication between work teams. This is an advantage that shares all the countries of Latam.

In addition, the distance is much shorter than the one that separates these regions from other offshore destinations, which in case of having to work in person, reduces costs and travel time.

High level of English

Spanish is the official language of Chile, however, many Chileans are also fluent in English, which facilitates communication.

According to the EF EPI 2022, the cities where most of the qualified IT professionals are located have a very high level of English.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living in Chile is lower than in the United States and many European countries, which can reduce labor costs for companies.

Despite this, salaries in the IT industry are competitive and, in many cases, lower than those offered in developed countries. For example, in 2022, a programmer working locally earns a monthly salary of $2,045 on average per month.

Excellent academic education

Chile has a strong educational system. According to the US News & World Report ranking, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile ranks 314th among the Best Global Universities and number 3 in Latin America.

In addition, Chile has a solid technological infrastructure and this has a great positive impact on their training process. Moreover, in addition to formal training, many technology companies offer ongoing training and development programs for their employees.

A large (and growing) market for IT professionals

By the end of 2020, there were between 65 and 75 thousand technology professionals in growing demand. According to the benchmark study conducted by Grupo IT-Talent, by 2022 the number of IT professionals in Chile would have risen to 112 thousand IT experts.

This shows that there is a large labor market in search of new challenges. According to the study, 66% of these IT professionals are applying for new jobs.

44% of IT professionals looking for new jobs are looking for better pay, while 29 percent are looking for opportunities in remote models.
Source: IT-Talent

In summary, sourcing nearshore IT services in Chile can provide companies with a unique combination of cost, quality, and geographic proximity, which can help improve efficiency and reduce costs in their technology projects.

How to find the best nearshore IT developers in Chile

There are a lot of positions that you can fill with nearshore IT, here we tell you how to find the best IT talents in Chile

  • Identify your needs: Clearly define the requirements for the developers you need. What is the programming language you need? What level of experience do you require? What kind of projects have you developed before?
  • Look for IT staff augmentation providers: Research and compare IT staff augmentation providers that offer nearshore services in Chile. Make sure that these providers have a good reputation, experience in the market, and solid technical knowledge.

    Also, make sure that the IT staff augmentation company provides you with administrative induction service and follow-up of the quality of the service provided by the talent. This will not only save you time, but also future headaches.

    Make sure that the contract with the vendor is transparent and with clear costs, so you know what budget you will have to allocate to the project.
  • Interview candidates before hiring: An IT staff augmentation company will make the process agile and efficient. But it is very important that, with the support of the supplier, you can check if it matches the culture of your organization.

    In the meantime, the verification of the necessary technical skills will be in charge of the supplier, as well as the language tests. Just as we do at We Have Devs.
  • Choose the right candidate: You are just one step away from working with the chosen talent and successfully developing your project.In the case of We Have Devs, in as little as 2 weeks it is possible to develop the entire process. This will help you save time and get better results.

In conclusion,

Hiring nearshore IT talent in Chile is a great option to obtain development through excellent professionals with great skills and knowledge.

To access them, it is necessary to have a strategic partner like We Have Devs. Through our IT staff augmentation service, we help you to get talents that perfectly fit the profile you require.

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